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 Explore how your magnificent natal astrology impacts your journey in this lifetime!

I only do 12 readings per year and do not do waitlists, so please book now.

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Chakra Healing Guide


Alongside astrology and tarot, chakras are a cosmic path to raising your vibration. That's why I'm gifting you The Vibe's Chakra Healing Guide upon delivery of your reading.

Astrology helps you to understand your soul's evolutionary path. The chakras help you manage your energy along the path.

Chakras are integral to your reading, and to ensure you fully grasp their significance, I'm providing comprehensive information on each chakra, including health tips, guided meditations, and more, as a free bonus.

This $47 value is yours FREE when you book your astrology reading.

empower your inner spark

You no longer have to feel stuck in the in-between, lost in a cycle of confusion or loneliness. By simply welcoming the universe’s influence, you can gain clarity for your journey and attract an abundance of positivity and love. 

The truth is–the answers to your burning questions are much, much closer than you realize. 

Since birth, you’ve been surrounded by the sky’s supreme power and fueled by its ever-flowing energy. With an open mind and heart, you can unlock endless possibilities for who you are now and who you are destined to become.

Now is 
your time

An intuitive natal chart reading can reveal many wonderful things about who you are and why you came.

Beyond astrology, I will investigate the akashic records and extract any soul contracts I find so that you can have greater context for your healing and manifesting journey so that you can continuously shine.


By diving into the details of your astrological birth chart and understanding your unique alignment with the planets and stars, we'll unveil four key areas of growth. If you absorb our findings and apply intentional practices to each of these parts, you will create a life of great purpose.


Harness Your Organic Energetic Blueprint

We’ll look at the calibration you came in with so that you can point it toward life outcomes you wish to see. 


Become Self-Aware

You are you for a reason, and you belong. This isn’t about changing you–it’s about embracing each layer of your being so you can live with more truth and joy.


Enhance Your Relationships

Clarity about this opportunistic time will come with a refreshed compassion for the connections around you and openness for new wonderful relationships to enter your life.


Get clarity on potential soul contracts

Between your natal astrology and the akashic records, you'll gain context about potential soul contracts you were destined to fufill.


Join me for
a cosmic transformation


Secure your transformative report before my calendar closes.


What would I need to provide you for the reading?

I'll need your name, birthdate, time of birth, including am or pm, and your birth city and state. For example, Baltimore, MD. I highly encourage you to find your birth time, but if you can't, I will use 12 p.m. 


Nope :) Just leave it to me.



CAN I ASK QUESTIONS after I get my reading?

You are more than welcome to ask a handful of questions via email after you receive your reading. However, if you have something you need to work through, I recommend booking a vibe sesh with me.

Your reading will gift you with...

Feelings of inner strength and a major boost in energy.

The motivation and mindset to overcome any challenge ahead.

An illuminated vision for your future to fuel you with inspiration.

A visceral set of skills allowing you to be more present in your journey.

Confidence and certainty as you move forward through your life.

kind words from clients

“Lisa's readings are one of a kind. It's like she's known me my whole life even though we've never met before my reading. After my reading, I booked a vibe sesh with her, which was equally as amazing. Thank you, Lisa! ”

—Bri Adle

​"I've always felt like there is more to my story and who I am but I was unsure of where to find the answers. Lisa's readings are like spot on. The way she uses intuition with her knowledge of astrology is clutch.  Eternally thankful."

—Marie Pansen

“I’ve been feeling off-kilter for quite some time now, with no real vision for where I’m headed in life. A good friend told me about Lisa's life-changing virtual readings. I’m so thankful I pulled the trigger. Since my reading, I’ve rediscovered my purpose and I wake up feeling back on track, ready to take on the world.”

—Anne Huxley

“Since my reading, I’ve grown stronger and more focused. By applying the daily practices Lisa recommended, I’ve discovered new opportunities, felt more confident in myself, and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people and experiences in my life. I have a new outlook on life and my special place in this world.”

—Cici Rice

IntuItive Astrologer & Energy Healer

Lisa Roulette

My journey to becoming an intuitive astrologer and energy healer was long and challenging, but it was my destiny.

After enduring intense trauma and drama in my life, I discovered two pathways to healing: the Regular Pathway and the Cosmic Pathway. The Regular Pathway includes talk therapy, mindfulness, meditation, inner child healing, and shadow work. The Cosmic Pathway encompasses astrology, chakras, and tarot.

By integrating both pathways, I transformed my life, and I hope to help you transform yours too. As the founder of The VIBE, a weekly newsletter that guides readers in mastering the subtle art of vibrational living, I am dedicated to sharing life's most divine secrets so you can heal and manifest a life you love.

The stars, planets, and moon are aligning–for you. 
Learn how you can use this magic to achieve your deepest desires.